Peters Golf Course Hole #9 Keego

Par 5 Yards 535

Hole 9, a stunning and challenging par 5, is one of the best-looking holes on the course. The landing area off the tee is relatively wide, with a shot down the left center providing perfect views into the green. However, a shot too far left will find dense brush and trees, while slopes to the right will guide the ball into the trees. The pond, situated about 100 yards short of the green, requires careful calculation of distance and angle for your second shot to stay dry. Laying up on the second shot leaves a manageable approach of about 130 to 160 yards, avoiding water hazards. Longer hitters can attempt to carry the pond and reach the green in two, setting up a possible eagle attempt. A bunker short right protects that side of the green, so aim for the front left for a straightforward and enjoyable chip from the area short of the green. Be cautious of balls going over the green, as they will bounce away on the slope. This risk-reward hole offers a thrilling challenge.