Peters Resort History

The Peters family has owned and operated our resort since 1915. We celebrated our centennial summer in 2015 and the 50th anniversary of our golf course in 2018.

The Beginning

Henry and Maude Peters and partners founded the resort and built the Main Lodge in 1915 on Lake Minnewaska. The resort is about 3 miles south of Glenwood. Henry was a conductor on the Soo Line Railroad, which had a train station in Glenwood. While travelling along the rails overlooking Lake Minnewaska, he and Maude envisioned a summer hotel on Lake Minnewaska. Many of the early guests of the resort arrived via the railroad or horse and buggy.


Henry and Maude bought out their partners after a few years. They added the Annex building and the Court building in the twenties and early thirties. They added cabins and operated the resort for decades.  Henry helped start the Minnewaska Golf Club just west of the City of Glenwood. Guests enjoyed music and dancing at the Lakeside Pavilion in Glenwood.

Pierce and Maxine Peters joined the family business and added cabins, a small practice golf course, and a tennis court to the resort in the twenties and thirties. Pierce and Maxine operated the resort for decades, acquiring land for the first 9 holes of the golf course.


Bill and Mary Peters  joined the operation in the sixties as third generation owners and operators. Bill and Mary Peters constructed the first 9 holes of the golf course, then added 9 more in 1993 to make 18 holes for our Pezhekee National Golf Course. They also added the townhouses and cabin 40 in partnership with guests.


David and Jim Peters, sons of Bill and Mary, are fourth generation owners and operators of the family business.  They have helped manage the resort from the eighties to today. They added the Summerset Dundee cabins (1998), Wedgewood Lodge (2003), Pezhekee Lodge (2007) and Hiawatha Lodge (2012). They helped design and constructed the second 9 holes and renovated the 18 holes, opening the new design in 2007. 

Resort guests today include children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of guests who came here in the years since opening in 1915. Some of our current guests may recognize family or friends in some of these photos and brochures.